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Downings to the Revolution

Posted August 8th, 2007

William J Downing, Grandma Florence Downing Allen's Father

I had a thought that if any of my family had been in the U.S. long enough to have fought in the Revolutionary War, it was that of Grandma's Father, William J Downing, ancesters. I did find him at the age of 5 in PA and his father is Henry.Downing. This is in Clearfield County in the Union Township. Henry is 36 in 1860 which means he is born in 1824. I got stuck there. I haven't been able to find Henry any where else in his past. I wanted to find his father and then his grand father. This could be a link to the Revolutionary War. I decided to go backwards. I used Heritage Quest in the census of 1790 and 1800 we find a John Downing. John is in both. This is in the Union Township. Clearfield County hadn't been established yet. It was Huntington then. The census says this residence with John as head of household has a male over the age of 45. Could he be our link to the Revolutionary War? Got any ideas how to link this up.

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