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Francis and Esther Allen
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March 2, 1998

"I found your reference on the Pennsylvania Gen Page. I have been looking for info on my Great grandfather John J Allen, who had a brother named Cornelius born 1867, and also a son named Cornelius born between 1885-1908. They were from the Cresson and Du Bois area. Do you have any other info on your Cornelius?"
Danny Allen

Susan posted a message on a Clearfield County, PA website, acknowledging her father's (Francis David Allen) famous Uncle Cornelius at the turn of 20th century in Clearfield County. She wasn't into genealogy but was into the Internet. She invited an Internet genealogist to a SIG (Special Interest Group) to speak about genealogy and the web. She then wanted to write an article on the presentation as she always did for speakers. Begrudgingly, she started doing the things he suggested on the Internet in order to understand the process. When she got the above email, she was tickled to hear from the distant relative, Danny Allen, whom she was unaware of their connection. One thing led to another.

As Dan and Susan contacted some Allens in Dubois, they started compiling information. Judy Wolfe Allen the genealogist of the Con Allen family, brought together bios on their family. Nancy Halli, a descentant of David Doran, step brother to Con, compiled the bios on the Dorans. And, Danny's father, George Allen, known as Al, continues the research for John Allen. This is still a growing site, Susan is anxious for all to contribute.

Once things began to happen, Kris (Allen) Gazzo, water color artist from Western NY, contacted Jean (Allen) Huntley , both Peter Allen's granddaughters. Jean had the chest in which held the family photos, letters, and keep sakes from Florence (Downing) Allen, their grandmother, and Peter Allen's wife. Her stach of kitch made it easy to track her family. That is why there is a place for the Downings. Grandma (Florence Downing) Allen's Downing family has been in America the longest and we are not sure of which country they are from or when they came. The search is on.

The Senn search started with Frank Senn, William Senn's grandson. He is the nephew to Esther (Senn) Allen, Susan's mother. Frank studied in Germany and followed the church documents back to the 1700's.

Susan never knew her Grandma (Schöttle) Senn. She felt, she almost knew her because her Mom and aunts spoke so fondly of her. Susan started the search on Emilie Schöttle and was amazed with the easy time she had getting documents. The family never even knew the wedding date of the couple. For this reason a section has been started on the Schöttles.

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